Human factor psychology.

Even as a novice human factor psychologist, I can tell you 100 things that are terrible about this interface. #Truth #Harmon’s



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I’m beginning to learn that a critical part of relationships is centered around the notion that giving yourself a pat on the back is a lot different than getting a pat on the back from a best friend …. After a very good day or a very bad day.

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I’ve decided to (once again) jump into my blog.

As a single girl, living life with the intention of learning from everything and everyone I encounter I think it makes sense to scrawl a word or two along the way. I’ve dropped off from my writing over the last couple of years. Words and writing is a therapy for me. I have got to keep it up.


SO much has happened on my path. Discovering what I’m made of through trials and miracles. I’ve been blessed and tried in so many different ways. I have gained value-packed lessons through these experiences that I fear I’ll forget if I don’t write them down.

Cheers to the journey!

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08.29.2013 · 12:43 am

It’s fate.

Told my friend I was jealous of a homeless person we passed sitting by the streets in Portland. He laughed at me and asked me WHY?!.. “it’s true!” I said, “I just don’t think I have the guts to do it.. yet.” — My fate is calling.

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Definition of Recently:

This is what Websters Dictionary said about my life right now:
“dis·en·gage (dsn-gj) v. dis·en·gaged, dis·en·gag·ing 1. To release something that holds your attention, connects to your heart strings, or entangles your mind. 2. To release (oneself) from an engagement, pledge, relationship, job or other obligation. v.intr. To free or detach oneself; withdraw or go on vacation.. to Portland.”
Thanks, Webster.

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